Vista Holding Group operates worldwide through its 2500 employees in Norway, Poland, France, the United Arab Emirates and the United States. The group cooperates closely with several partners around the world.

The spectrum of interests and operations within Vista Holding Group is diverse and unique at the same time. It spans from farming of sea urchins, archeology, oil and gas industries, marine bioprospecting, remote sensing, through establishing and managing nurseries, information technology and venture.

The dominant part of Vista Holding Group is Trygge Barnehager AS operating on the market since 1987. This is the largest and leading operator of establishing and managing kindergartens in Scandinavia. So far the company has established more than 350 kindergartens in Norway. Currently there are about 8000 children attending kindergartens built by Trygge Barnehager AS and around 2000 employees within the company.

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